My daily makeup routine

Most women don’t use a lot of makeup in the morning and my daily makeup routine starts with a few makeup products as well. Foundation, eyeliner and mascara are certainly the products I use every day and for most of my daily activities. I make sure my face is clean and before I apply the foundation I wash my face with Cetaphil cleanser for all skin types, to get rid of the old skin, dirt, oil and other kinds of pollutants. Then, I moisturize my skin with a face cream with SPF protection and wait for the cream to blend in the skin texture. Then, with a foundation brush I pick a small amount of foundation and start to cover the cheeks, chin, forehead and eyelids. You can use a makeup sponge to purge off the extra foundation and blend it into the skin better. A thick eyeliner line goes over my eyelids and two layers of mascara are enough to make my eyes fresh and my eyelashes full of volume. In the middle of the day, I might start growing dark circles around the eyes and that’s why I always keep my concealer in my bag at all times. Your concealer or corrector should always be lighter than the shade of foundation you use in order to achieve that wide-awake look you need after a couple of stressful hours. Red lipstick is a powerful weapon against the tired look and you can use it every time you look worn-out, just make sure it matches your style and the rest of the makeup and accessories.

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