e.l.f. Studio Contour Brush

We have read and heard all about buying and using a makeup brush set when we are doing our makeup routine, but most of us are puzzled at what some of the basic makeup brushes are used for. When I first read the words contour brush in my new makeup set, I was mystified by the fact that I didn’t know how or where should I use this brush. However, after long and meticulous search, I found out the real purpose of the contour makeup brushes and their amazing performance. As I was getting better at my makeup skills, I decided to purchase the best contour makeup currently on the market: the e.l.f. Studio Contour Brush. This brush is packed with antibacterial fibers, the hair bristle is made from synthetic fibers and it is superabsorbent. It works flawlessly on both dry and wet makeup products, and it guarantees immaculate makeup finish because of its ability to pick up enough amount of color and then to deploy the color evenly. This contour brush is used to change the shape of one’s face and the way the face is perceived, meaning it can make the face visually slimmer by contouring the cheeks and applying one shade darker blusher color. In this way, the cheeks bones are enhanced and your face looks radiant and with a healthy glow. Also, if you apply just small amount of the bronzer above your cleavage, you can achieve a push up look. The price of this brush is unbelievable 3 dollars. You can find more about coupons here.

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    This post was precisely what I had been searching for!