How to find blender parts

Preparing dinner can be really hard work if you have to do all the chopping, slicing and shredding by yourself. In times like that you surely wish you had 4 arms or you want to have the ability of being in more places at the same time. However, all you need to do is shed those cloning thoughts and simply buy a food processor and a kitchen blender. Blenders are indispensable kitchen utensils and you can think of them as your own personal kitchen assistants. Depending on the quality of the blender, there are few brands which can take up considerable amount of abuse (not literal abuse though) and which can last up to 15 years and more, however, some parts of the blender may break or wear or tear and you will need to replace them. So, you think how to find blender parts for your old blender? There are few alternatives, and in this article, we will focus on three of them: the authorized service from the blender’s manufacturer, online or in specialized stores.

Order blender parts from the blender’s manufacturer

The most common part that needs to be replaced on most blenders is the O-shaped rubber ring gasket that is situated between the container and the cutting blade assembly. Over time, the seal of the ring will dry out and the blender will not perform correctly. In this case, the high-end manufacturers offer the replacement gasket for 50% off if you order it from their authorized service shops and dealers. Also, it is not uncommon that the blade assembly shows signs of wear and tear and you will notice this by the decreased performance or the strange large chunks of food that are left uncut. This will usually happen after 10 years or so. In addition to this, you can always address the problem to the blender’s manufacturer and they should provide you with either spare parts or tell you where you can find one.

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