Unusual first date ideas

To be completely honest, men who take me at dinner and movie on the very first date do not stand chance with me. I like men who have an abundance of alternative first date ideas, which are both fun and creative. I mean, who says that the first date should always be when night falls. I can totally picture myself riding carrousel or visiting art gallery with complete stranger while the sun is high on the horizon. Who can get more out of the first date than a woman who sees her date screaming like little child while riding the rollercoaster? Or who can tell you more about his music preferences unless he takes you to a karaoke show? My perfect first date was two years ago when my date asked me to help him decorate his Christmas tree. He had no Christmas ornaments, so we had to be creative and decorated the tree with toilet paper and tea bags (he was a hippy, he stood no chance with me). Also, I remember this guy who asked me to accompany him to the animal shelter where he wanted to adopt a puppy. However, I fell in love with this sad-looking Great Dane named Hamlet, so I convinced him to take the dog in his apartment. The problem was, he lived in studio apartment, the dog slept in his bed, so I felt the ambient was too stuffy and I left him eventually (but he will always have Hamlet). So guys, if you want to have me on your in relationship Facebook status, I strongly suggest you the next time you ask me out, take me to the Moon and back.

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