How to Locate Mobile Phones?

I have heard that there are numerous ways to track down a mobile phone by simply knowing the telephone number. Now that I have lost my mobile and there is still no response from the police, I have made a detailed research about how to find my lost phone. First of all, the process of locating the phone can be done if you know the IMEI number of the phone. That is a unique number which can be tracked by the police and can be the perfect identifier for the lost phone. The second thing that can be done is to try locating the phone using a GPS network. Thanks to the GPS systems installed in the device, computers can locate the mobile phone very quickly and easily. Another possible way which is used for locating mobile phones is the process in which Google Latitude is included. For those who use this application, it is very easy to determine the position of the phone on Google Maps. The most important fact about this program is that the users do not need to use GPS connection, since it works on every mobile phone with Google Maps. In addition, I have also found many web sites which offer to locate the wanted mobile phone by a simple registering process. Nevertheless, I have not been convinced yet that these web sites actually work. In conclusion, I must point out that all these ways of locating a mobile phone work only in cases when the device is turned on. If the SIM card has not been taken out of the mobile phone, the process of locating the lost device is even faster and easier.
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