Famous Sex And The City quotes

Ever since 1998, girls and women all over the world have had the chance to glance in someone else’s private lives and relate to a certain level. After six years of screening, six seasons and two Sex And The City movies, now ladies know everything there is to know about relationships. Carrie Bradshaw’s romantic affairs were displayed very vividly and this New York writer managed to examine every possible aspect of human relationships. All romantic upheavals and disasters were narrated to the detail and made every girl question her choice and decisions. Kim Cattrall (or Samantha) on the other hand, showed us that you can be successful, sexy and stylish and have every man you want, whenever you want. Cynthia Nixon (or Miranda) was the uptight lawyer that made you question every aspect of your relationship with her cynical, yet practical point of view. At last, all true romantics loved Charlotte York and her optimistic personality because of the emphasis she put on love and commitment as opposed to sexual relationships and lust. If you have ever seen the series or the movies, you know that almost every line in the scenario can be cut out and used as a quote. The Sex And The City quotes are among the most the popular quotations on the Internet because they can relate to every aspect of your life, not just sex. Love and relationships are the theme of these series, but you can find many smart and funny quotes on faith, friendship, family and of course fashion.


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