Top five health benefits of wine

So now that we have gone through the general data about wine we are going to give you the health benefits of wine, which you can get if you drink one to two glasses per day. First wine decreases the rate of mortality. It is proven in some studies that wine drinkers have a lower mortality rate. Second it minimizes the risk of having a heart attack. People that have blood pressure problems and drink wine have lower chances of getting a heart attack. Thirdly wine minimizes chances of getting a disease related to the heart. The red wine especially contains ingredients that are good for the heart and protect it. Fourth it puts the risk of having diabetes from type 2 to a minimum. Moderate drinkers have less chance of getting diabetes than non drinkers. Fifth it lowers the possibility of having a stroke. Strokes that are related with blood clots can be minimized if you drink moderate quantities of wine.

Some extra health benefits of wine

So, besides the top five health benefits of wine, we will mention a few more that we consider might be interesting and relevant. Wine also minimizes the chances of getting a cataract. It is proven that people who drink beer instead of wine have a greater chance of getting one. The wine can also lower the risk of getting a colon cancer. And finally it protects the brain, and helps with the maintenance of its functions.

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