Health product guide: organic vs. conventional food

There are many things you can buy with money; cars, houses, bigger and smaller things, but none of that will be as important as your health, which you cannot buy literally. People today have the option to choose what to eat. Wheatear is vegetable or fruit, meet or any kind of drinks. However, not all of those are as healthy to eat as organic food. The organic food has its benefits, because it is tastier than the conventional food, but that is what scientists tells us. On the other hand, other group of scientists from different universities tells us that the health product guide that supports the organic over conventional food is not telling the truth because they both have the same tastiness and they both are equally healthy. After all, the healthier the food is, the more expensive it gets. When it comes to organic and conventional food farming, the first one needs natural fertilizers so the soil can be better and the plants can grow faster and bigger, also beneficial insects and birds that helps in the natural mating process and to help minimize many kinds of plant diseases. Conversely on this type of food, the conventional one, needs chemical fertilizers to stimulate the plant growth, different types of sprays to stop diseases, use herbicides to manage weeds. The eco (organic) food is more naturally produced, more close to the way in the past; the “not so healthy one” is machine like, adjusted to today’s modern society. The choice is yours.

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