Seeding and making money

There are some pretty interesting jobs out there. Some of them you can see on the TV, some jobs even have whole TV shows dedicated to them, as they are unusual or require a lot of guts. One interesting job you can do on a part time notion is upload links for money. As weird as this may sound, there are websites that will pay you to upload links. As the internet is a big resource of all things, copyrighted or not, the most wanted merchandise on the market are definitely music and movies, TV shows, and games, and you can earn money by uploading and sharing such content with others. Even though this seems like an easy and relaxed job to do, it can turn into a real nightmare if it happens to be illegal in the country you are living in. Every country has its own specific regulations on the subject of sharing materials that are copyrighted. Before you depart on this interesting adventure of link uploading, make sure your law doesn't prohibit such actions. If it does, and if you still want to do it, you have to be aware that there is always a risk you will be busted, arrested, and that you will have to pay a fine in order to redeem yourself (which is not that bad, but if you earn your money this way, you will be in deep trouble). Some countries will even confiscate your PC, wipe your HDD, and you may even face an interesting penalty like being prohibited from using your PC for some time.

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