Drawing blood

Blood is the liquid of life. It flows through the veins and carries all information about any living being. Blood is needed for normal work of the brain and heart, which are considered as the most important organs in the human body. Because of the great importance of blood for the body, which has proven so far, medical experts always propose making blood tests for detecting any health problem. These blood tests are not scary, but their results are used to provide the correct diagnosis and propose treatment. They are usually performed in clinics or laboratories where only qualified personnel are responsible for the blood draw. It is not a thing the patient should be afraid of, and the procedure is very short. The results of the blood test will show possible health problems, because all of the health problems reflect with the blood condition.

Blood drawing qualified personnel

All medical personnel, like doctors and nurses are qualified to draw blood from the vein. Drawing blood from the animals is also made by venipuncture. The procedure of drawing blood is completely the same as in humans, with one major difference. Only veterinarians are veterinary technicians are allowed to perform this procedure on animals, because they know the anatomy of animals, which is not same as the anatomy of humans. Every medical person must know how to draw blood from the patient. It is a pretty simple procedure. The personnel should be aware of the possible problems that may occur during blood draw.

Equipment for blood draw

In modern medicine, there are many types of equipment from many manufacturers. In fact, the concept is the same, only the equipment is different. There are some devices that extract blood from fingers, but nothing can replace the human hand. Before the blood draw procedure starts, the person who will draw blood, must check his equipment. If everything is in place, then it should be started by putting on protective gloves on the laboratory technician’s hands. These protective gloves are used to protect the technician from possible infections while drawing blood. Then the equipment is unpacked and the needle is placed on the tube. After all of this is done, technicians place the patients arm in an extended and straight position. The next thing is to find the vein which will be punctured. The needle is then placed in the position for blood draw. The desired position is 15 degrees. When the tube is filled with the necessary amount of blood, the procedure is stopped. Gauze with alcohol is used to clean the place of the venipuncture. After that, the patient should rest for a while. The material spent for the procedure must be treated as medical waste, and no contact with the environment is allowed.

Techniques of blood draw

There are many techniques of blood draw. Various techniques are used for every specific purpose. Some tutorials which may come in handy, in cases of emergency, may be useful to people. Although it is not a simple thing, it can be used in reverse situations, like stopping the blood flowing from a damaged vein. Keep this in mind. Read more here http://www.venipuncture.biz/

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