Every man should have at least one pair of leather shoes - introducing the must have shoes for

Every man should have at least one pair of leather shoes in his collection. They are fancy, good looking, and when you wear them, people tend to look at you in a different way. They are mandatory for business meetings, they fit well with an elegant suit, as well as casual look. The prices vary, depending mostly on quality and name, and there are certain types every man should have.

Leather shoes you must own

The Dark Brown Oxford is a must have for every man. Their best feature is the round toe, making them modern and a must have in your wardrobe. You can fit anything to them, but they will work best with a business look or a casual way of dressing. The colors of suits you can pair them with are the navy, charcoal and gray suits, but they work really well with jeans and tweed jackets too. Taking care of them is quite easy too, and you have to make sure to change the heel after wearing them for some time, as it will thin out. Another type of Oxford you should think about is the Slim Black one. These shoes will work well with tuxedos and gray, black and navy suits. They are a great alternative to the usual black patent leather shoes, and you can wear them with your work clothes too, not only when visiting the red carpet or marriage ceremonies.

Two more pairs of leather shoes you should consider buying

These two types of shoes aren't the only ones worth mentioning. If you want to keep your feet warm when the cold winds arise, but you can't really afford to wear the usual boots to your office, you should think about getting Chelsea Boots, as their design is good enough for the office. They have the Nike Air technology, making them very comfortable to wear, and they keep your feet warn, as well as your ankles. The best fit for them is wearing jeans, dark jeans, tweed jacket or a button down sweater. Are you familiar with Loafers? If you think about Ronal Reagan, you are on the right track. However, don't let that keep you away from them - they fit great with jeans or khakis, as well as shorts, are considered leisure shoes, and are quite comfortable.

There's one more pair of leather shoes - the Rugged ones

Nothing like seeing beat up boots on a man, as they remind women on those bad boys they always had a crush on during high school. They will give you an edge, making you quite popular with the ladies, and every man likes that. They are best with completely casual wear, and are not the best pick for the office, so make sure to wear them for weekends, and leave the office to your Oxfords. As for the prices, all of the shoes mentioned above cost a pretty penny, but you can find cheaper versions of them, giving you the looks you desire for less money. As with most shoes, taking proper care of them will increase their life span, so always invest in a good leather polish and use it regularly.

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