What’s the deal with those angry birds?!

The game Angry Birds is a real hit among the players, despite its simple design, most people that enjoy playing it, describe it as very playable. The story of this game starts in the beginning of 2009, when Rovio Mobile, a Finnish company decided to look through certain suggestions for possible games that would eventually be developed. One suggestion was made by Jaakko Iisalo, a senior game designer. His suggestion was consisted of simulated screenshot which showed birds that look very angry. These birds had no recognizable wings, nor legs. The illustration itself was not sufficient to determine what kind of game is in question, but the company liked the characters, and chose the angry birds as a basis for the development of their next game. It comes as a no surprise that they decided to call the game Angry Birds.

A curious protagonist

But, since the angry birds were the ‘protagonist’ in the story, they decided that the birds had to have an enemy. At the time the game was developed the issue of the so called swine flu epidemic was in the public focus. These gave the company’s experts the idea that pigs could be birds’ foes in the game. The game-play itself, at least its most important elements, were inspired by few other games that were introduced at that period. One game which’s influence was recognized was Crush the Castle, a game that was introduced that very same year, 2009. The expenses for the development of the game were supposed to be around hundred thousand euro, plus the money needed for the following updates. The company had a partner who was supposed to release the game for Apple based devices and it was supposed to be bought from the App Store. All of the later editions were released by Rovio Mobile, except for the variant for the portable PlayStation. A curious fact is that the company had other idea in mind for developing a game, and they have already set specific criteria, but once they became familiar with the concept of angry birds, the decision was almost unanimous in favor of what later became Angry Birds. You can Download Angry Birds Space Free on their oficial web site.

Face the angry birds book!

When the company decided to develop and publish new game versions for other types of devices, it also improved the quality of the game and certain new elements were introduced. Then the game was released for Android-operated systems and right after that they became working on simpler versions of the game for other devices. Another novelty that was introduced in 2010 was the version of the game for Facebook. This was the biggest project of the company for that year. They were completely aware of the difficulties of adapting a game for social platforms and this is why the game wasn’t released until 2012, when they finally managed to combine the aspects social-gaming with the existing features of the game.     

Paid or free, it’s up to you!

One of the latest variants of Angry Birds is called Angry Birds Space. This game has short version which can be downloaded for free, but most players favor the Angry Birds Space full version, which can be purchased from the internet.

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