Dealing with your partner’s gaming addiction

Addiction to computer games is a growing problem all around the world. It’s not just happening with teens; many adults also spend countless hours gaming in front of the computer. This might sound ridiculous to some of you, but it is actually a serious addiction which is not easily treated. Gamers enjoy spending their entire days with their favorite fictional characters, but their partners face a real problem. If your partner shows symptoms of addiction, you should definitely try some of our advices to help him/her. You can always take drastic measures and leave the partner if you can’t carry on with the problem, but before it comes to that, you need to understand the problem and try to make it go away.                          

Signs and symptoms of gaming addiction

Carefully observe your partner and see if there are any signs and symptoms of addictive behavior connected to gaming. The increased amount of time spent with Minecraft or any other highly addictive game is the first sign. If you notice that playing consumes a large portion of the day, watch out for the additional symptoms, like irritable behavior at the time while he is not playing the game; isolating from family and friends; or telling lies in order to hide how much time he spent playing. If you notice that he is distracted while he is engaged in other activities, he is probably thinking about the game, which is a sign that you need to help him. Don’t leave the situation untreated because it won’t be long before the addiction affects your lives very negatively.                    

Communicating with your partner

The first step towards the solution to the problem is communicating. Talk to your partner and tell him that you are concerned that he spends too much of his time on the computer game. He will probably deny the problem, because denial is a part of any other addiction. Ask different question to find the source of his gaming addiction. There may be another reason lying behind the problem, like depression or low self-esteem. You will have to treat that reason together. Maybe he is unsatisfied with his current life situation, the job, social life or other. Try to get him far from the computer as often as you can. Take long walks in nature; convince him to do daily workout; go running together every day or think of any other regular activity that will make him believe again that there are other things in life than gaming. Tell him that he is not only gaming his own days away, but this situation has negative effect on you too, and it is concerning your relationship. Do not argue and try to cancel his Minecraft Server Hosting plans.                         

How to help your partner

First of all, you should ask him to cut down on the time he spends with gaming. Start with small steps; set him a comfortable goal and then try to work your way through longer time periods without games. If you ask him to quit gaming right away that will be too drastic for him, and it may lead to resentment and bitterness. Recall that you had fun times together “in the real world”. Remind him that he can still have fun with his friends, and do things that will be good for him, such as the propositions we gave you in the previous paragraph. If you notice that you cannot do anything by yourself, you may need to ask for professional help. You can go to a therapist together, and work on the issues with the addiction, because they are surely destroying your relationship.

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