Buying WoW gold to make your ingame life easier

Funny are the ways of getting gold in World of Warcraft. The fastest way to get gold is to find someone who will give you a nice amount of starting gold. The problem is, it’s rather hard to find good charity workers in the game. So, if there’s no charity workers around, and you don’t want to spend your time on grinding your brains off, do you how to get to a lot of gold quickly? Many players are wondering if there’s a way to do this. There is a way, and it’s called WoW gold kaufen.

The world of WoW gold

In the World of Warcraft, there are several ways to get your WoW gold . Let’s start with the most common ones: you can get your gold with professions. The WoW world is as diverse as the real world, so you can choose which professions you would like to do. The professions featured in World of Warcraft are tailoring, enchanting, blacksmithing, mining, jewelcrafting, inscription, herbalism, alchemy, engineering, skinning and leatherworking. These are the primary professions you can choose from, and you can have two of them. Usually there are pairings that go together. Take blacksmithing, for instance. If you wish to do something as a blacksmith, you require bars, and you can get them by smelting ores. In order to get and smelt ores, you have to get mining. Of course, other people sell ores and bars in the auction house, so if you want to be a blacksmith but don’t want mining, you can buy the materials from the auction house too. Even though the things you make with blacksmithing sell for good money, you will probably be better off with mining only, especially mining lower level ores, as many will need them to get their professions up quicker. This takes a certain amount of time, however, and if you don’t have it, WoW gold kaufen is another option.

Wow gold kaufen

If you decide to WoW gold kaufen, you have to find a website you can trust first. There are different companies that can sell you WoW gold. First, find a trustworthy website; check the forums, learn about them, do a background check, see some reviews. This isn’t illegal really, but it’s not a legitimate way of getting your gold together. There are several ways to get the gold you bought – one of them is the ingame trade, where you get the gold you have ordered on your ingame mailbox. Another way to get your gold is with the WoW mule account (meaning you need another account to get your gold), or even a trusted transfer, where you give your login information, and one character slot has to be open. You will get the exact amount for the first way of delivery, whereas you will get 10% extra for the WoW mule and trusted trade methods.

Do you know anyone who WoW gold kaufen?

If you have friends who play WoW too, ask them if anyone has some experience with WoW gold kaufen. They will give you the best insight on which WoW gold selling websites are best, and what way of getting your gold is the safest one. If your friends don’t have any clues, ask in your guild; chances are, someone tried it, and you will get valuable information from that person’s experience.


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