Surviving the period of unemployment

Being unemployed is very difficult, especially if you are young. In many countries in the world, young people find it difficult to get a job, due to the slow creation of jobs. Young people do not have extensive working experience and many of the employers prefer employing someone with experience. On the other hand, young people get frustrated because no employer gives them chance to get the experience which is required and the situation turns into a viscous circle.

Alternatives available

Being without job is very hard. Many people face this very same situation. Many of them have lost their job due to the cut backs and layoffs of the major world companies which is certainly due to the global financial crisis. Other people have lost their jobs due to the relocation of major production plants to countries with lower cost of the labor force and lower taxes. This situation has caused lower offer of job and jobs creation, especially for young people. Many of them face a situation when the majority of the employers prefer to hire somebody with previous working experience, leaving no space to young people to get the required experience. This is especially true for highly educated people. Knowing this, it is more than clear that one must find alternative. It would be good to find an internship in a company during your studies. In this manner, you will have both, corresponding education and proper working experience. You can also join a NGO, where you may not get paid, but you will surely spend your day on something useful and get the experience you need.

Think about starting your own business

Many of the young people looking for their financial help and a job do not consider the starting of their own business as an option. Many of them are afraid that they may fail and consider that working for somebody else is easier. Starting your own business is not so difficult, especially considering the loans unemployed can get. There are many NGOs and governmental and local organizations, as well start up centers that provide financial and logistical assistance to all young people who want to start their own business. Such organizations provide consultative services which can help young people make their business plan and plan the costs and the budget they will need to start their business. There are some NGOs that lease their premises and offices at lower prices to all those who want to start business. Starting your own business is not easy, but from it is excellent long-term investment. If you are not sure that you can succeed on your own, you can always include your family and friends. Get in touch with your friend from college and make a plan for the individual tasks that everyone of you should do, depending on your skills and abilities.

Stay positive

The first thing you need to remember is to stay positive. You should be aware that things cannot change overnight, so arm yourself with patience. Send your resume to the companies where you would like to work, as your friends and relatives to recommend you to their employers. Find a hobby so you can feel useful. Try to find alternative source of finances, babysit your neighbor’s baby, walk your grandma's dog, and sell some of your hand-made jewelry. Who knows, this may turn to be excellent business undertaking.

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