A new iPad: what to do?

There are people who become a little intimidated when they take their new iPad out of the box and don't know what to do from there. Don't worry, you can read this article if you plan to get that tablet and know what to do before you hold it in your hands for the first time. Read this article to learn how to set it up and what apps are best to use and download.

Your first steps

The first thing you need to do with your new iPad is initializing it and linking it to the Apple ID. You should have iTunes installed on your laptop or PC which can be very helpful. You will be required to register an Apple ID. The iPad initializing process is quite simple and quick. All the information you need is your network's password if it has one. The steps of setting up the iPad are: choosing the language; choosing the region or country; enabling location services; choosing a Wi-Fi network (now you need the password); setting up as Restore From Backup or New (if you just bought the device you'll need to set it up as new); enter or create an Apple ID; agreeing to terms and conditions; setting up iCloud – and you are ready to use the apps that are in it and install some new ones. We should mention that you do need a case to protect your iPad from dust, scratching, fingerprints and so. You can buy one of the Smart Covers that Apple offers in ten different colors, or you can be fancier and choose designer iPad 2 cases which are way cooler. They come in lots of different patterns, colors and brands that make them not only a useful, but a modern accessory too.    

Apps that come with the iPad

It's a good idea to become familiar with the apps that are preinstalled on your tablet before deciding to buy others because your iPad already has many useful apps that can save you some money. Many of them will become your favorites. Once you see the homescreen, you can start familiarizing with the next great apps that appear on it: Messages; iTunes; Calendar; App Store; Notes; Reminders; Maps; Newsstand; YouTube; FaceTime; Videos; Contacts; Camera; Game Center; Photo Booth; iTunes and Settings. You have other apps on the dock (the bar located across the bottom of the display), which include: Mail; Safari; Photos and Music. All in all – your iPad comes with most of the things you need, but read the next paragraph to see what are the apps you should install additionally.          

Free apps to download

The first three apps we recommend you to download (for free!) to your new iPad are Crackle, Pandora Radio and Flipboard. Crackle is a product of Sony Pictures Entertainment which allows you to stream TV shows and movies for free. There is no monthly fee and no downloading fee – how great is that! Pandora Radio, which is also a free service, allows you to make your custom radio station with picking up a song or an artist and letting the app play music similar to that. This makes the creating of your playlist much easier and you will definitely be happy with the picks. Flipboard is an app that covers special interests, news and social media – three in one. This app turns your social media into an interactive magazine and makes it even better.


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