Review on the most popular phone- iPhone

We live in a time where most people are very busy and don’t have a lot of free time for themselves. That is why technology has taken over the world with new inventions coming out every day. We live in the era of digitalization where no one can imagine their life without a computer or an Internet connection. It is a thing we are all addicted to. It is also the time where everyone I mean absolutely everyone owns a phone or to be more precise a smartphone. One of the most popular smartphones is definitely the iPhone. Since it was launched it is breaking world records in sales. People are waiting in line just to get the latest one. We will discuss the iPhone and its general characteristics in the following paragraph, together with the fact that you can perform an iphone unlock on it. 


General information about iPhone

We mentioned in the introduction that one of the most popular smartphones is the iPhone. Launched by Apple and introduced to the public by Steve Jobs in 2007 it became a real hit. People are buying it more and more. The latest series of iPhone 4 are selling like crazy. But before we go any further we must explain what iPhone is all about. It is a smart phone offering various benefits and functions. It offers a great camera to record and take pictures. It is a phone that offers immense Internet and browsing opportunities which is very appealing to people. Sending and receiving text messages, supporting 3G and wireless connection are also very important features. The keyboard and the phone itself work on the touch principle. There are also many available applications that make the phone very interesting like various games, applications that enable GPS, the ability to watch movies, listen to music etc. The phone also has a remarkable design and it comes in black and white color. There are different series of the phone and the last one 4S was released last year (2011) and it is a very popular one.


Additional information about iPhone

As we mentioned before the iPhone was launched by Apple. Although it was introduced in 2007 its development began in 2005. Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple started to examine the touch screens. They wanted to make a phone that looked like the iPad but offered additional features and benefits. They went through a lot of investigations before they finally released the iPhone in 2007, a phone that has a display made of liquid crystals. With its great resolution and design it is one of the most wanted phones ever.



IPhone jailbreaking


A lot of people that own an iPhone are eager to remove the various boundaries that Apple imposes. That is why people who want to download additional applications or themes that can’t be available on the official store use the featur called unlock iphone 3g 4.1. Jailbreaking refers to the privileged use to applications or things that can’t be found regularly. It literally means to release the device from jail. People using this are also able to use the regular things but also have access to additional features. This is a must especially for people that want to use software that is not approved by Apple. Although the term jailbreaking might sound a bit illegal it isn’t. It is total legal in the USA, although Apple stated that doing this could affect the warranty.

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