Best summer cocktails

As the warm weather comes closer and closer, so does the desire for refreshing drinks that evoke exotic spirit in all of us. Cocktails have always been the drink of choice in spring and summer, and there's a reason why – they awaken our senses and make us wonder about different countries and cultures. Well... if you're one of those people who don't like to think too much and just want to relax, you would still love summer cocktails because there's nothing that offers better refreshment in hot summer nights. You don't have to be on Cuba to enjoy the rich taste (although it would be amazing) – there are simple recipes you can make yourself. We'll tell you how to prepare the most popular cocktails that will make any night with family or friends memorable.       

How to make a summer cocktail?

You don't have to follow a specific recipe in order to make a refreshing summer cocktail. You can mix your own tastes and who knows – maybe you'll invent another popular drink. All of the popular cocktails were made by experimenting and we encourage you to do so. A summer cocktail must contain fruit, because it breaks the heavy taste of alcohol and makes the drink light, smooth and refreshing. Bubbles are another ingredient that can create great taste. Add Champagne, Coke, Sprite or mineral water that will add sharpness to the taste. Than add alcohol (Rum and Vodka go well with fruit, but as we said – experiment and find your own taste). Cocktails wouldn't be fun without decoration, so remember to serve them in tall glasses decorated with fruit and little umbrellas. If you aren't so good at experimenting and everything you try doesn't turn out to be drinkable, read on because we'll enlighten you with the ingredients of some of the most popular summer cocktails.

Pina Colada and Banana Daikiri

Of course, we'll start with my two favorite cocktails. I love Pina Colada and Banana Daikiri because there's nothing smoother and more summery than these two cocktails. I haven't tried anything that removed them from my all time favorites list so far. If you want to make Pina Colada (we are listing the measures for one drink), you'll need: 60ml light rum; 60ml pineapple juice; 40ml coconut cream; a piece of pineapple and a maraschino cherry to garnish the drink. Choose quality ingredients because they will make the cocktail good. If you get the cheapest rum and pineapple juice, you won't get the cocktail you've tried and loved. All you need to do is pour the ingredients into a shaker, add ice and shake really well. Keep the glass chilled and pour the drink in it. Decorate with the wedge of pineapple and the cherry and enjoy the amazing taste. For a Banana Daikiri you'll need: 45ml light room; a tablespoon of triple sec; 1 banana; a tablespoon of sugar; 45ml lime juice; a cup of crushed ice and a maraschino cherry to decorate. You'll need a blender for this cocktail. Pour all of the ingredients (except for the decorating stuff) into the blender and put it on low speed for the first couple of seconds, then use high speed until it becomes smooth. The Banana Daikiri needs a slim tall glass (such as Champagne flute). Garnish with the cherry and enjoy the wonderful smooth taste.

Frozen Margarita

If you don't like the fruity taste of the previous two cocktails, a Frozen Margarita would be a good choice for you. This is my drink of choice when my stomach is full and it wouldn't feel good with sweet drinks. For a Margarita you need: a cup of ice; 15ml Triple Sec; 45ml tequila; 15ml lime juice; 80-90ml sour mix; salt to rim the glass and a lime wedge to decorate. Use a blender to mix the ingredients. It's good to add the salt for rimming because it adds uniqueness to the drink, but it's an optional step. Decorate with the lime and enjoy!

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