The importance of Google ranking

Statistics show that almost all websites receive the majority of their visitors by a Google search. As we all know, Google is the web search engine that is most frequently used. The reason why it is so dominant is that people are satisfied with the results that a Google search gives them. When using the Google search engine, people are certain that they are going to find that piece of information that they are looking for. There have been many surveys conducted about the importance of Google ranking. Results from these surveys show that 2/3 of the interviewed people do not go further than the first page of the Google search, and almost all (98%) do not go further than the third page. That is the proof right there.

Getting there

The importance of Google ranking is clear. You want your website to be on the first page of a Google search, because that greatly increases the chances that someone is going to visit your page. Put in numbers, you have a 40% chance that someone is going to visit your page if you are at the top of the Google rank, 30% chance if you are second, and less than 25% if your page is at place three. The imperative of every website is maintaining and increasing the website traffic, and being at the top of the Google rank helps. However, getting there is not easy, nor simple. You cannot just pay someone, in order for you to top the ranks. Online marketing is a tool that helps with this. To be more specific, the process is called SEO (search engine optimization). But what is SEO?  It is known that people search for a specific thing, by typing in keywords. The ranking of web pages by Google is based on the relevance of the particular keyword, or phrase. Therefore, Search engine optimization is a combination of several processes, which are involved with the understanding of the ranking of search engines for relevance. As a result, those processes are executed toward achieving top rankings, bigger web site traffic, and more visibility. All those processes can be divided in two subgroups. The first is the group of processes used for Onsite optimization, and the second is the group of processes used for Offsite optimization. 


Onsite and offsite optimization

The processes of onsite optimization use the structure of a web page. The structure of a web page has several elements, like metadata, tags, sitemaps, and so on. Done alone, onsite optimization will never give a web site top ranking. However, it is an important part of the process of performing successful SEO. Offsite optimization is the thing that makes your site unique. It is done by creating backlinks. Put simply, backlinks are links posted on other pages that lead back to your page. Google considers them as a vote. The more backlinks you have, the more votes you have.


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